Thursday, September 21, 2017

Movie Review: Life (2017)

Life (2017) directed by Daniel Espinosa

A soil sample from Mars is delivered to the International Space Station for analysis. The astronauts/scientists discover an inert life form and are able to revive it. It starts to grow and becomes the MOST IMPORTANT DISCOVERY EVER!!! An accident happens and the Martian (named "Calvin" by a randomly-selected American elementary school) goes back into hibernation. Desperate to wake it again, they eventually try electric shocks. Calvin comes back to life and becomes highly aggressive. A mission of discovery rapidly becomes a mission of survival.

While not an original premise, such a movie could still be fun with charismatic acting, clever writing, or campy shenanigans. The performances are surprisingly low-key, with the exception of Ryan Reynolds who plays the station's maintenance man. Each character is given a touch of humanity but not enough for the actors to make them truly sympathetic. It's as if the characters are just doing the job, not living their life. Considering they are scientists (even Reynolds's character), they are not very smart. The writing is also disappointing. The story gives typical techno-babble that isn't as convincing as in other films. The plans to contain Calvin never make complete sense and the surprises are highly predictable and boring. Some of the action sequences are exciting and the movie delivers some scares, but not enough to make it more than passable fare.

Weirdly enough, Life needs more life in it.

Not recommended.

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