Thursday, September 14, 2017

Yorktown Beach and Monument, Virginia

Yorktown has a beach on the York River with a little bit of sandy area and enough waves to satisfy my older son but put off the younger one. We visited on a Sunday afternoon and plenty of other people were on the beach, judging by how full the parking lot was. The beach stretches out for a mile, so people were spread out along the waterfront. We found a little alcove next to a fishing pier that only had a few visitors.

Yorktown Beach and Pier

More beach, not too crowded

Making a sandcastle

Swimming for the older kids

Visiting the pier for the toddler

The toddler got to meet a small crab one of the fishermen caught. Like the wavy water, he did not get too close to the crab either. He was fascinated though.

Up the hill from the beach is the Yorktown Victory Monument. The monument was authorized by the Continental Congress in October 1781 when news reached Philadelphia of the American victory in Yorktown. Construction started 100 years later (typical government efficiency, if you ask me) and the monument was completed in 1884. The Maine granite shaft is 84 feet tall and the Liberty statue on top (which was replace in 1956 after a lightening strike damaged the original) adds 14 more feet. 

Yorktown Victory Monument

Detail from the column

Liberty statue on top

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