Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Raleigh Rockin' Report

Our hotel in Raleigh had a deal with a fitness center across the street. Guests could use the facility for free during their stay. We took advantage, which mainly took the form of rock climbing for the older kids. They'd done a little bit at school carnivals but this was much more serious. After getting a proper harness and getting strapped in, they were ready to climb.

At first climbing was a bit challenging but my son especially grew into it. We took some pictures on the second day, when we remembered to bring the camera.

Daughter with a head start

Son catching up

My daughter found the ridge a bit daunting and headed back down but my son kept going.

Bungee back to bottom

Daughter makes a second effort; son nears top!

Whoa, I'm high up!

My son did make it to the top on the "green" track but had similar problems on the "pink" track my daughter tried. He did get higher, but not all the way.

Happily for us, rock climbing has not become a hobby back at home. I'm not sure we parents could take the stress of watching!

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