Saturday, September 2, 2017

Toddler's Third Birthday Cake

Our toddler recently turned three. For his birthday, we decided to make a cake from a favorite book--Mr. Greedy. In it, Mr. Greedy is so greedy that he has a birthday every week, just so he can eat birthday cake. Here's a typical celebration for Mr. Greedy:

Mr. Greedy wants to party all the time

To recreate the cake, my wife and my daughter crafted some home-made fondant for the drippy icing. They got the recipe from here. The base ingredient is marshmallows, melted in a microwave and enhanced with powdered sugar.


Mixing the cooked marshmallows

They used some red food dye to make the white marshmallow mixture pink!

Pinking up the fondant

Scary fingers!

Working on the fondant

They let it sit overnight after carefully wrapping it. The next day they made cakes and used regular icing to "glue" the layers together.

Icing the cake layers

The final fondant step was rolling it out into a large enough circle to cover the cake with the drippy effect. Patience paid off quite well.

Rolling out a big circle

Measuring for the correct size


Team work topping

A perfect laydown

Adding strawberries and candles to match the book

The toddler was very happy with the cake. He even wore a hat from one of our leftover Christmas crackers.

Birthday boy and cousin

Ready to blow out candles

Working together

Two-thirds done

Here's a smattering of the fun photos from the presents he got...

Opening an Amazon box!

Lincoln logs!

Building a house

Opening another present (on another day)




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