Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Book Review: Runaways Vol. 2 by B. Vaughn et al.

Runaways Volume 2: Teenage Wasteland written by Brian K. Vaughn, pencils by Adrian Alphona and Takeshi Miyazawa, inks by David Newbold and Craig Yeung, colors by Brian Reber and Christina Strain

Review of last issue here.

The six Runaways are settling in to their new hideout but, being teenagers, have trouble planning their next move. Their parents, a group of villains who call themselves the Pride, are searching for the children and have resources in every precinct and media outlet around. The Runaways try to lay low. They go out for some food only to discover the convenience store is being robbed. They save the youngest robber, who claims his parents forced him to do it after they gained superhuman powers in an industrial accident. So naturally the Runaways welcome him into their group. He throws off the group dynamic, especially when he gets romantically involved and has his own character twist. After cleaning up that mess, the Runaways have a run-in with Cloak and Dagger, two teenaged superheroes from New York City. Cloak and Dagger have been brought in by the LAPD to help find the kids, though they are being manipulated by the Pride in order to get their kids back, safely if possible. More action and comedy ensue.

I was surprised to see how quickly this series turned into a "problem of the month" narrative. Only slim hints point to the bigger story arc where the Runaways actually deal with their parents. Even so, the writing is witty and the characters are fun.


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