Monday, February 12, 2018

Pinewood Derby 2018

Our pack had the Pinewood Derby in January. We didn't have religious education conflicting, so we went after two years of absence. This year, we delayed too long on making the car, so it didn't turn out too well. We had a decal that should have covered the whole car but it didn't transfer properly, forcing us to a backup decoration plan the day before the race.

This year's racer

 At the weigh-in, the car was about 4.60 ounces, so we added some coins and other weight at the Pit Area. The legal limit is 5 ounces, so we wanted to get as close as possible.

Pit area

More weight

The track was set up but they had some technical difficulties. My son's den didn't run for about 45 minutes after their initial start time. We had some donuts and the little kids had fun at the photo op area.

The race track
Ready to race

Hoping for first

Enjoying the photo area

The racing did not go well for us. We hope next year to do a better job.

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