Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Last Day in California, Christmas 2017

For our last day in California during our Christmas 2017 trip, we did what we so often do--we went to a playground. This one was at the same community center where we started the Art Appreciation geocache. The kids were more interested in the play equipment than appreciating art, which was fine.


An odd climber

Our prescholar climbed up a short tower and started serving pretend food to anyone who walked by. We were the only customers and were able to request all sorts of things. I had a pineapple/banana milkshake with my nuggets and fries. He had so much fun, he never made it to the swings!

Playing restaurant

At the bottom of the slide

After gathering clues for the next stage of the geocache, we had a brunch at Waterdog Tavern just down the street. The restaurant has outdoor seating (their beer garden really is a garden!) just below the main restaurant. The area has a little artificial waterway with plenty of flora and some heaters for the colder weather.

A river runs through it

The other end of the river

The bar offers a wide variety of beers, many from local brewers. I had the Full Boar Scotch Ale from Devil's Canyon Brewing Company, which was delightful.

Double decker beer taps!

We had a lovely brunch. I ate French Toast Bread Pudding, which was wonderful. The kids mostly had regular french toast (which was surprisingly similar to my dish) since the waffles were sold out. The kids also enjoyed the warmth of an open fire and of Grandpa's hug.

Chillin' out by the fire

A happy granddaughter

The bar area had some amazing redwood tables that I am sure are popular during happy hour.

More tables

After brunch (thanks for picking up the tab, Grandpa!), most of the kids went back for naps/relaxing while a few remained to go for more geocaching. We had a fun afternoon and very much enjoyed our visit to California.

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