Thursday, February 8, 2018

Cute Kid Pix January 2018

Some more pictures of happenings that didn't happen to get their own post...

The library had a Storybook Friends story time with a character I'd never heard of before, Minerva Louise. This chick is in fact a chicken! She has a variety of adventures, often doing silly and charming things. One book the librarian read was about Minerva Louise (who lives on a farm) wanting to go out of the barn on a snowy day. She needs some extra layers to keep warm, and tries all sorts of comically inappropriate things, like a human's mitten for a hat (that covers her whole head) or gloves for boots (also way too big). The craft recreates a moment where she sneaks into the farmer's house and decides a pot of flowers is a comfy chair.

Gluing the flowers together

Adding flowers to their stems

The box came with crayons, I must color!

Finished product

We had a snow day (i.e. no school) in mid-January, so what did the boys want to do? Go use the big hill at the back of the school to go sledding! We went to school anyway. Since I was the lone parent (my wife's work didn't even have a two hour delay), I only got pictures from the top of the hill. My phone is far too slow to take videos after I push the toddler's sled. My older son was able to get himself up and down the hill with no problems.

New long-distance record

Close-up of glove check

Two in one picture

Close-up of sideways sledding

Later in the month, a regular story time used "sweet" as the theme, which meant a fun, I-wish-it-was-edible craft. My son made a cupcake.

Gluing the frosting to the cake

Adding sprinkles

An artist is his own toughest critic

Judgement: Good enough to eat!

The kids found our old Iron Man costume parts. The mask and the bracer both still have good batteries, making these toys as fun as ever.

Introducing--Iron Preschooler

Taking his mask off

Receiving a message that lights up her life

Where should I aim?

Here comes the shot!

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