Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Random Bits from California Christmas 2017

Some stuff from California that didn't make its own post...

We also did some sports beyond the house. We went to a local middle school and played parents versus children baseball, which was fun. We didn't follow all the rules, making it easier for the smaller children to have bigger enjoyment.

Grandpa pitches to my son

A "runner" on second base

We also went further afield and did some iceskating with the cousins and extended cousins. It was fun but both too cold for my daughter and too packed for us adults. The place had an outdoor rink which was full of holiday skaters (which is a bit of a novelty in San Francisco, I suppose). It also had an indoor rink for those with children five and under. My youngest niece is three, so we all got in on her.

My daughter happy in her rental skates

The outdoor rink

The indoor rink

In addition to the fun playground, Berkeley had some fun architecture (photos below) and we visited the Cheese Board, which is more famous as a bakery than as a cheese counter (no photos, we were too busy eating!).

A cool house

The next cool house

A third cool house

An old hotel hiding behind another building

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