Monday, November 28, 2011

Ferry to Zeebrugge

We had a rough passage on the ferry to Belgium. The seas weren't particularly rough but the children's sleeping abilities were overwhelmed. I'm not sure if it was the excitement of the trip or the movement of the boat or the unfamiliar beds, but Jacob and Lucy both had a hard time sleeping through the night.

And they didn't want any consolation from me. Every time they woke up it was "I want Mommy!" or "No, Daddy!" My poor wife bore the brunt of their crazy non-sleep. Eventually time to get up came and Mommy took Jacob to explore the boat since Lucy managed to fall back asleep.

I stayed with her in our windowless cabin (number 1106, just like my birthday in US month/day format! I wonder if we will have the same one going back). She finally woke up about an hour later. We dressed and got ready for breakfast. Just as we were finishing, Jacob and Mommy came back to the cabin. We all headed off to breakfast.

Breakfast on the boat was buffet-style, featuring many English items. Sausages and bacon were all done the UK way. Beans, mushrooms, and roasted tomatoes were available for consumption.  Eggs came hard boiled, fried, or scrambled. I watched as one fellow tried to get a fried egg on the spatula and then to his plate. He couldn't quite get under the egg. He just pushed it around on the lake of oil in the pan. I decided to go for the scrambled eggs. Lucy has fallen in love with sausages and must have eaten two between what she took from me and my wife. Jacob stuck to cereal and pastries.

After breakfast, we went to our room to clean up. We decided to go out on deck to see the morning. The boat must have docked while we were in the room because the view from the deck was the harbor. We enjoyed watching the cargo get moved around for a while.

Looks just like the other harbor to me

The gangway was lowering! Time to go!

When we saw the gangway go down, it was time to disembark from the ship. We ran back to the room to collect our things and headed onto the shore. After a short bus ride we were in the middle of Bruges and ready for adventures.

Thirsty for adventure!

A happy boy ready for a new town!

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