Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Home-made Zombie

I finally gathered all the ingredients for the zombie cocktail mentioned previously. The only problem was finding passion fruit syrup. I won't claim it doesn't exist in England but I haven't found it yet. I did find passion fruit juice, which is probably close enough. Oh, and I didn't have a mint sprig for a garnish. Here are the various parts I used to construct my very own home-made zombie:

You'll notice I didn't have to raid the pineapple tidbits to get some pineapple juice (though a chunk of pineapple would be a great garnish, especially if dyed blood red). You can't see it in the picture, but the bottle of 151 proof rum (i.e. 75.5% alcohol) has all sorts of warnings about how flammable it is. That made my wife a little nervous. Amazingly, all of the ingredients are available in local grocery stores. I love living in England. Here's the final product:

Unfortunately, I've never accumulated proper bar glasses, though this frosty mug did a good job holding my liquor. The cocktail shaker is one of those wedding gifts that never sees enough action in our home. I suppose that will change now with a new favorite drink. I like the drink a lot!

To go with the drink, I watched Evil Dead II, which stars Bruce Campbell and features plenty of zombie mayhem. I would review it for the blog but I'm frightened of listing all the gore in the movie. To start with, I noticed bodily fluids came in four different colors, maybe in tribute to the four bodily humors theory, except the yellow bile came out green in the movie. The movie is just as much comedy as it is horror, earning its "splat-stick" reputation with gallons of blood and other ooze flying all over the set. There's lots of other comic violence and mayhem that probably isn't to everyone's taste, but I enjoy it more than I should. That's what a guilty pleasure is all about!

I hope you all had a great Halloween and are looking forward to the next big holiday. Here in the UK, the next big celebration is Guy Fawkes Night, November 5. Lots of fireworks and bonfires are scheduled, seemingly one in every town around us. We will probably attend at least one. I will be sure to blog about it!

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