Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween in the UK

We can report that Halloween is indeed celebrated quite differently here in the UK. And by "differently" I mean "hardly at all." We did not go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood nor did any trick-or-treaters come to our door. We did go to a big Halloween party last Friday for the children. Various tables had tattoos, pumpkin balloons, plinko, crafts, a cake walk, etc. Lucy won a yummy banana nut muffin at the cake walk, which Jacob enjoyed the next day. The party was fun for a while, though the crowds did eventually overwhelm Jacob. We left with smiles so it was a good day.

Mommy helps to blow up a pumpkin balloon

Enjoying the pumpkin patch

We did find an enclave of Americans where we trick-or-treated on Halloween itself. The area included a fire station that participated in the fun, handing out candy and showing off their latest innovation, the hydrantbot. Lucy was traumatized by the guy (or possibly a gal) dressed up as a dog. She basically said, "That dog is way too big!!!!!" Jacob was fascinated by the hydrantbot. Until he saw it shoot water, which almost hit Jacob. Then he was done for the evening.

Jacob was able to brave the pseudo-dog and get candy

It walks! It talks! It shoots water!?!?!

Back at the car, the kids took off their costumes. We drove to dinner at a pub that had absolutely no decorations for Halloween, which seemed par for the course at most businesses. I'm glad we did find a spot for the kids to go trick-or-treating and we will definitely go there next year.

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  1. That's cool mommy is blowing up the orange pumpkin balloon for Lucy and Jacob.