Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Twice Brewed Inn, Hexham, UK

After our departure from Vindolanda, we sought sustenance at The Twice Brewed Inn, comically named after the nearby national park centre of Once Brewed.

We had a fine meal there, though I had a hard time choosing between all the fine ales, stouts, and ciders available from their taps. The barmaid had the excellent suggestion of buying the sampler, which gives three third-pints of three different drinks. It even came with a handy wooden carrier.

A fine selection of drinks available for consumption

From left to right in the picture, I had the Fraoch Heather Ale, the Twice Brewed Bitter, and the Dragonhead Stout. The stout was very dark and not my favorite though I didn't dislike it. I drank that first (always save the best for last!). Jacob and Lucy love for me to drink a frothy beer and have a beer mustache when I am done. It's so funny for them that it is fun for me. I was able to get mustaches from all three. The Heather Ale was refreshing but a little flowery. The Twice Brewed Bitter, made especially for the pub, was the best of the three.

We sat on the left, though I should have taken the picture when everyone was there!

The pub itself is quite charming, with a warm fireplace and plenty of decor, including some apparent leftovers from Halloween. The staff is friendly and courteous. And the potties get the thumbs up from Jacob. The Twice Brewed Inn was a great lunch stop before we pushed on to Edinburgh. Since I drank, my wife took her turn driving, so no worries about the lunchtime liquor. More on Edinburgh in the next post!

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