Friday, June 29, 2012

Book Review: Titans of Chaos

Titans of Chaos is the slam-bang finale to John C. Wright's Chronicles of Chaos. Having finally escaped from their English boarding school (which is really their prison), the five orphans from alternate Chaotic dimensions are on the run. After a harrowing attack on the cruiseship QEII, they race across the planet Earth and cross over to other planets in an attempt to find a spot where they can safely and peacefully live out their lives. But will the Greek gods let them?

The story is action-packed. It's a fun ride, especially the middle third or so of the novel, which is an extended fight/chase sequence. Mostly it's the main character, Amelia Windrose, trying to escape from every mythical thing that can be thrown at her. The chase is imaginative and exciting. The final battle for their freedom is also very satisfying.

The storytelling is still chock full of pseudo-science, pseudo-magic, and more mythology than I could keep track of. It's not so important to track every detail, though it might make for more rewarding reading. The book is a wild ride and a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.

My reviews of previous novels in the series are here and here.

Now that the year is half over, I thought I'd check on my progress on the 2012 Reading List Challenge. I seem to be doing really well. Of the 15 books I said I wanted to read, I've already read 10. Still to be read are Stephen King's On Writing, three of Lloyd Alexander's Prydain books, and Tolkien's The Hobbit.

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