Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grand Canal, Venice

After nap time, we did a boat tour of the Grand Canal in Venice. Though it wasn't exactly a tour. The boat was one of the standard public transports (the Vaporetto), so we didn't have someone telling us the history, names, and fun anecdotes of the various places we passed. So I will do the best I can with what knowledge we have picked up from being in Venice for a few days and from reading guide books.

We started off where we had lunch at the Ponte dell'Accademia. The number 1 boat cruised up the Grand Canal back to the bus station where we began our Venice experience.

The Grand Canal is THE major highway in town

We saw lots of amazing buildings to see along the way. They are charming even without any history behind them.

Lots of parking and nice arches!

A long row of houses

The number 1 boat makes many stops along the way at little stations like the Rialto station.

Fancier than any bus stop in England!

We saw some of the more common sights around here, namely guys hanging out, gondolas taking tourists for rides, and canal-side dining.

These guys need beers!

We did not do this, alas!

We did dine by Canal-side, but not at this restaurant

We saw another of the bridges, the famous Rialto Bridge (at least, the guide book said it was famous).

The Rialto Bridge

Many other bridges of all shapes and sizes can be found in Venice.

Side canal with pedestrian bridge

A large Klimt exhibit was in town, possibly sponsoring the Ponte degli Scalzi

Trees! Oh, and a bridge too.

The train bridge is not very pretty at all

Another random bridge

We became curious about the traffic laws that governed the canals, especially when we saw many cryptic and not so cryptic signs.

Do not enter, if you have eagle eyesight.

Gondolas only?

One way/no motor boats?

7 is the speed limit?

Another common sight, that would be more common the next day when the Vaporetto workers would be on strike, was the water taxi.

Just a little bit of yellow in the window to let you know

A lot of churches are found along the Grand Canal, including one named after our daughter!

San Lucia!

San Stae

San Simeone Piccolo

Artistic works are also on display from the water, though not as much as you would think.

That little one is pretty life-like

Whoops, that's not art, it's a train station!

On our way back to the hotel, we saw another massive, gleaming yacht that Jacob wanted to ride. If only they would sell us some tickets!

This was not on the Grand Canal, in case you were wondering

It was fun to ride around Venice to see some sights from the water.

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