Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lucy's Third Birthday

Today (June 21, 2012) is Lucy's third birthday. We have been celebrating since the weekend. Yes, it's been one of those long, happy days.

We started on Saturday night when we Skyped with my family back in the States. We had a fun chat and opened some of the presents that had arrived in time for the call. It was fun and Lucy was glad to get gifts...who wouldn't be?

On Sunday night, we Skyped with my wife's parents and opened more gifts. Lucy was duly gratified and loved playing with new things yet again.

Monday night we had a party with the local kids we know, along with their parents. We cooked hot dogs and sausages and had a wide variety of chips, veggies, and fruit for side dishes. We made cupcakes for the kids and cheesecake for the grown-ups. I think one or two of the older kids managed to sneak in a slice of cheesecake as well. When they weren't distracted by the bouncy castle at the other end of the room. The children had a lot of fun and their sugar intake was offset by their jumping and running in the bouncy castle. Lucy had another round of gifts that were greatly appreciated. I did remember to bring my camera but forgot to take pictures, alas.

Tuesday was a night off from celebrating.

Wednesday (last night) we had another celebration for Lucy. We had some more boxes come in from Amazon and opened yet another round of gifts. I finally had my camera and used it.

Jacob helps Lucy get stuff out of the box (thanks, Auntie Regina!)

Many hands make light work

We had a nice dinner and Lucy had ice cream for dessert (her request). She enjoyed it more than opening our presents to her, as you can clearly see.

And, yes, we are ashamed of our brown wrapping paper--there was a sudden shortage!

It was a great celebration and we have more planned for today, but you will see that in a later posting.


  1. Happy Birthday, Lucy!!!!
    Colin, Aunt Amy & Uncle BJ