Monday, June 11, 2012

Thirsky for Some Lunch

On the way home from the Ryedale Folk Museum, we stopped off in Thirsk to have some lunch and, perhaps more importantly, make sure the kids didn't fall asleep in the car and neglect to nap at home. The plan was quite successful.

We managed to park in the heart of the town's market square, surrounded by fine architecture and establishments.

One corner of the Market Square

Getting the kids out of the back of the car

From the nice variety of establishments, we picked out a little fish and chips place for lunch. Three of the adults ordered the eponymous dish but Amy decided to get a burger. Amazingly enough, they cooked the burger just like they cooked the fish!

Deep fried beef!

We also ordered milkshakes. I've been in Europe long enough to know that their milkshakes are not similar to American milkshakes. European milkshakes are like flavored milk; American ones are like ice cream just melted enough to be drinkable. I was not disappointed in my strawberry milk(shake) though I think BJ and Amy were not satisfied with theirs. The food was excellent otherwise. After we were done eating, we piled back into the car and headed back for a late afternoon nap. Everyone enjoyed nap time!

Someday we'll do a proper look at Thirsk, home of James Herriot of All Creatures Great and Small fame. And a 15th century church. And much more!

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