Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zombies Attack Dr. Floyd

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd is a children's audio podcast that follows the time and space travel adventures of the world's most brilliant scientist, Dr. Floyd, as he stops his evil arch-nemesis Dr. Steve. Dr. Steve's usual scheme is to travel into the past to steal some famous item (George Washington's wooden teeth, for example) and then bring it back to the current time to sell for a fortune on eBay. The show is in reruns right now. The latest episode (in the last week of May 2012) is a Halloween episode where Dr. Steve goes back to 1650 AD Japan. He arrives in a ninja graveyard and uses a device to raise them from the dead. That's right, he's going to use ninja zombies to get Dr. Floyd out of the way! How will it work out in the next exciting installment? I'll have to wait a week to find out.

The show is a lot of fun and you can learn a little history too. The production values are very high and the actors do a wonderful job. Highly recommended for the young and the old.

The podcast feed is here. The ninja zombie army episodes are #504 and 505 if you are reading this in the far flung future. If you are in the first week of June and can't wait to find out what happens in episode 505, check it out here. The whole back catalog of episodes are available on their web site!

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  1. Thanks for the plug! We always appreciate a good mention!