Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Olympic Torch 2012

The Olympic Torch has been making the rounds here in England. I read in the local paper that the route has been crafted so that the torch passes within 10 miles of 90% of the population. We live much closer to this particular part of the route and I was able to walk over and see it. And take some pictures for the blog!

As I walked, I saw many patriotic places and people. Some were decorated a few weeks ago for the Queen's Jubilee celebration. The decorations have stayed up for the Olympics, and probably also for the Euro 2012 soccer/football tournament.

Patriotic Restaurant, nowhere near the route, so no customers

Patriotic Hotel, with most of the revelers cropped out

Patriotic Boy (not Captain America's sidekick)

In addition to Patriotic Boy, the route drew quite a crowd, including some local military as well as American soldiers from a nearby base.

Crowds to my left

Crowds to my right

Troops marching in!

The troops at attention

The first part of the convoy we saw was the police on motorcycles, waving the ever-encroaching crowd back to the curb. One officer gave high-fives to the crowd from his bike, which was cool but too quick to get a picture.

Won't miss him in a crowd

Then we had a fake-out as these runners came by sans torches.

Though I do like the dominant Union Jack in this picture

The next part of the convoy was the corporate sponsors. Yeah, that's right. The carrying of the torch has some support from big companies. I guess it's better than using tax payer money for expenses.

The Torch, brought to you by Samsung,...

...Coca-Cola, and...

...Lloyds TSB (a bank, for all you non-Brits)!

After a long wait, the shining star of the show showed up. The crowd went wild (well, as wild as British folks get) when the runner came by with the torch.

The Olympic Flame!

Close up of the runner

Yes, that was a young fellow carrying the Olympic torch. He had a bunch of other runners with him in the same outfit, though clearly they were of little interest to the onlookers. It was very exciting. The crowd dispersed pretty quickly afterwards, with the military leading the way.


I have two closing comments. First of all, if any corporations want to sponsor my blog, I would be happy to stick your logo on for a nominal fee. I'll be around a lot longer than the Olympic torch!

Just imagine zombies endorsing your product!

Second, if you'd like to see the torch and you are in England and it's still June or early July in 2012, check this map and the various web sites for your chance to see the flame pass you by!

Apparently, the torch runners can walk across water!

Thanks to Cheryl Goble for some of the pictures above (the troops at attention, the motorcycle, the Coca-Cola logo, the Torch Relay Map).

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  1. Sounds exciting! Though it looks like the Torch Carrier was walking instead of running...