Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hanbury Hall and Gardens Part II: The Playground

The playground at Hanbury Hall is craftily tucked away in a back corner of the back buildings on the property. Since we were staying in the guest rooms, we were able to explore after hours and have the playground to ourselves.

The wide shot of the playground

The playground slopes down a bit toward the back. The designers took good advantage of this fact to have a network of rope bridges lead back to some nice climbing down equipment, like a cargo net, a slide, and a fireman pole.

The beginning of the bridges

Jacob goes down the cargo net

Lucy at the crossroads bridges

Jacob comes out of the tube!

The children enjoyed the various swings. Lucy stuck to the more traditional swing set. She had all the adults push her on the swing, though I think Daddy was the favorite because I push her the most. I asked her if she was in outer space and she readily agreed. She tried to get Mommy to push her so high that she'd be in outer space, with mixed results.

Lucy gets some air

Mommy can't watch how high she is going!!

Jacob favored the less traditional swing.

Swinging sideways

Later, he did try out the more traditional swing, BUT he did fly as high as he could.

Mommy, look at me going into outer space!

Jacob tries to loop the swing

Jacob also convinced his aunties to try out the obstacle course on the playground. He had already practiced several times and had a head start, so here he is showing them how it's done.

A long way to go

The playground is quite fun and made the visit even better for us. Our next blog will go through the extensive gardens.

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