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Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon

One of the popular sites to visit in Stratford-upon-Avon is Holy Trinity Church. William Shakespeare is buried there. The site has had a church since the early 700s. A Saxon monastery was the location's first religious building. The current building is from 1210. The side aisles were added in the 1300s and the Chancel (where Shakespeare is buried) in the late 1400s. He was added in the 1600s after his death.

Exterior of Holy Trinity, Stratford-upon-Avon

East Window

Inside the church, the baptismal font is the first thing visitors see. As baptism is the spiritual gateway into the church, this is nicely appropriate. The view from the font shows the center line of the church moving off to the left. So this cruciform church has an inclined head as did the crucified Lord Jesus Christ.

Baptismal Font

Nave with chancel slightly to the left (it's more obvious in person)

The West Window shows Christ and His disciples. The North Aisle also has some nice stained-glass and the large death notices (diamond-shaped placards with family crests) used in previous times.

West Window

North Aisle

Nice pulpit!

Just beyond the crossing is the chancel, where Shakespeare and some of his family members are buried. He was a lay rector at this church, thus he was buried here. He died in 1616. The bust on the wall was put up by his widow and friends in 1623.

Chancel with pre-Reformation altar (found buried to protect it)

Graves of Anne Shakespeare (wife), William, and Thomas Nash (husband of Shakespeare's granddaughter)

Wall bust

Other Shakespeareana include copies of the baptismal and burial registries and the chained bible which dates from 1611 and was used in the church in Shakespeare's day. He probably read from it.

Church records of Shakespeare's membership

1611 "chained bible" used during Shakespeare's lifetime

At the back are activity tables for visiting children, including a table for drawing and a pi period costumes. Jacob was game enough to try one on and I was able to capture the moment.

Little Bard

Outside is the standard graveyard as well as the peaceful River Avon.


Lucy admires the serene river Avon

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