Wednesday, September 19, 2012

RHS Harlow Carr with New Non-Floral Items!

On a recent visit to RHS Harlow Carr Gardens we wandered through the usual assortment of flowers before discovering some more interesting and unusual stuff. Here are the assorted flowers, scroll down to see the other new stuff.

Rhododendron Rossatum

Pink flowers

Purple flowers

White flowers

Ravish red flower

Whispy white flowers

Gunnera Manicata (doesn't really look like a flower, eh?)

Jacob found some new bridges and their little creeks. He always hopes for a waterfall nearby.

The waterfall is the other way!

Chillin' by the woodland bridge

Jacob also discovered a fairy ring. A fairy ring is a ring of mushrooms that appear on a lawn or other grassy area. The story goes like this: An elf or fairy appeared there and it may be a portal to the elf/fairy kingdom. They only last a couple of days. Someone could catch the elf or fairy there as they try to return home. Then he or she must grant a favor. Unfortunately, one of the criteria for a proper fairy ring is that it is made of real mushrooms. These mushrooms, as any clever observer would see, are metal.

Jacob awaits the return of the mecha-elf

The nearby bee house had a rather interesting decoration on the roof.

I don't have to say it, do I? Okay, I will...Bee-ware! And you thought I'd refer to a mecha-bee.

Nearby, the Wetherby Silver Band was setting up for the final concert in the Summer Sunday Afternoon Concert series.

Wetherby Silver Band

They weren't ready to play yet, so we walked further into the woods. One section of the gardens has some Doric Columns. The kids enjoyed the spot more than I thought they would.

Doric Columns, guarded by lions

Lucy Lionrider

More fun than that was the musical instrument display. The display actually had only one type of instrument, the xylophone. I suppose that is the most durable musical instrument that can be left out doors in English weather.

Jacob on one

Lucy on another

Tall tubes

Nearby were a bunch of woven teepee-style tents that somehow have been associated with the Three Little Pigs by the children. Only one home in the story is built of sticks and in Harlow Carr there are no hay or bricks anywhere nearby.

They look hard to blow down

As the fall season comes, I'm sure we'll have some more visits. Hopefully they have some Halloween or Christmas activities!

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