Monday, September 3, 2012

Selby Playground

After visiting the abbey in Selby, we had some fun at a nearby playground. It was only a short walk from the church and provided a lot of fun.

On the garden path to the playground, we discovered a wooden chair that looked perfect for perching. Jacob and Lucy both tried it out.

Lucy enthroned

Jacob could get in all by himself

Soon we were at the playground. It was not terribly large but did have some new equipment we hadn't seen before.

Our first view of the playground in Selby

The spider web climber was mounted on a pole and could be spun! Jacob was fascinated by that and didn't even panic when I took him for a spin.

Cousin Autumn watches Jacob's daring climb

The see-saw at the playground was quite interesting as well. Laying down was the easy part. The hard part was figuring out how to make it go. Luckily, Autumn was there to get it going.

Or maybe it's some weird piece of exercise equipment

We headed back through the market square on our way to the car. Unfortunately, it was not market day so it looked a little bare.

Selby Market Square

Selby was a fun town to visit, even if we did wind up there by accident. We were trying to go to Eden Camp, a World War II POW camp turned museum, but had the wrong postal code in our GPS! We did make it to Eden Camp the next day using the right coordinates, which is a story for another post.

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