Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hanbury Hall and Gardens Part IV: Our Apartments

Our visit to Hanbury Hall and Gardens was quite long since we rented the upstairs holiday suite for a long weekend. Many of the National Trust properties include a place that people can rent and stay self-catered style (which means it has a kitchen for the guests to use). The fun of pretending we were guests of the Vernon family was only part of the appeal (though to be honest, where we stayed would have been the servants' quarters). Running around the property after hours is the sort of forbidden treat that appeals to us too.

Our holiday suite is on the third floor. The two bedrooms are nice and spacious. 

Our bedroom (that's Jacob in the bed)

The sitting room is comfy and a decent kitchen is included. The dining room is big enough to accommodate the four of us plus two aunts for our meals. We did occasionally go down to the tea shop for snacks as well.

Sitting Room

Dining Room

Narrow Kitchen (but gets the job done!)

The bathroom is a little tricky. The bathtub has a showerhead attachment but it was not easy to get hot water to come out. I mean, you could either have just hot water, as in boiling hot, or mix in cold water, which gave a fairly icy stream of water. There's no shower curtain or such to keep the water in. Standing up in the tub is not so easy since the wall angles in. So you couldn't shower anyway. Otherwise the room is spacious.

Tricky bathroom

The stairs down from our flat

It was great to be on the property after closing time and to have the grounds to ourselves. We had a lovely time.

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