Tuesday, February 11, 2014

J's Favorite Hotel in Rome

J's favorite hotel happened to be our very last hotel, the one we stayed at by the airport so we could easily get on our flight back home. It's the Residenza d'Epoca Pietra Di Ponente in Ciampino. The building looks like an old country villa (I mean, like middle ages-old) and is wonderful inside.

Our last hotel

J's favorite thing was our room for four. Two of the beds are up in the loft, giving the room a very spacious feel and a nice separation from the parents. Naturally the children chose the upstairs beds (they always want the top bunk of the bunk beds).

Happy in the room!

The breakfast area for the hotel is behind the reception desk. The food was the usual continental breakfast assortment. We had the place mostly to ourselves so we parents didn't mind the higher volume on our children.

Breakfast area

The view from the hotel is nice too. There's plenty of outdoor seating, which wasn't so great for us in January but would be quite lovely in the summer. It would be a nice place for a wedding.

View from the hotel

The staff is great too. Our pickup at the train station was no problem and getting to the airport was very quick. All they need is an indoor pool and J would be the happiest customer ever!

But before we leave Italy, we'll have to back track a couple of days for our side trip to Naples and Pompeii coming next!

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