Thursday, February 6, 2014

Random Roman Bits

Here's some random bits of Rome that didn't justify their own post!

We saw a street Santa that reminded me of all those menacing Santas in the Doctor Who Christmas specials.

I hope he doesn't spring to life!

One piazza in the middle of town had its own nativity scene with a miniature pope inside!

Left side of the nativity

Right side of the nativity

The pope!

The cars are smaller in Rome, which is fairly well-known, but the gas stations are also tiny!

Gas on the side of the road

For those wishing to forego fossil fuel, alternate transportation is available.

L always asks for one of these rides

Of course, there's always mass transit. We did ride buses and use the subway which were nice if crowded. We even took a train to Naples and Pompeii from the Termini station. Surprisingly, even the train station had a nativity display!

Termini Station, hub for trains, buses, and the subway

Termini nativity

We admired this balcony on this building but mused as to why it was added to an otherwise fine structure.

Near Piazza Venezia

The Sacred Area of Largo Argentina is a recent archeological dig (discovered in 1926 during demolition work) of four temples that date back to the Imperial Period. The area is fenced off, but that hasn't prevented every able-bodied cat from coming here and hanging out.

Sacra di Largo Argentina

The Torre dell'Orologio is a clock tower built by Borromini by the Convent of the Oratorians (St. Philip Neri's order). We were disappointed that the clock was not accurate.

Torre dell'Orologio

Here's a view down the Via della Conciliazione to St. Peter's.

St. Peter's in the distance

The Torre dei Capocci is a restored medieval tower on the Esquiline Hill. I don't think visitors can go in, it's just a surprising item to run across while wandering.

Torre dei Capocci

Another cool, random item was this bas relief medallion in an otherwise unassuming wall.

Medallion of Our Lady?

Also interesting (to me, at least) is this integration of an ancient amphitheater with a modern apartment building.

I would totally live here

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