Saturday, February 22, 2014

Random Bits of Pompeii

Here's some interesting things from Pompeii that didn't merit their own post.

Our bed and breakfast was pretty awesome because of the baked treats I mentioned on a previous post. The kids also loved the room because of all the bouncing around they could do. They both wanted to sleep in the top of the bunk bed but the railing was a little low (at least it looked that way to us parents), so I slept there.

The best of a half dozen shots of the kids playing

Walking around town we saw some nice art, including a column with Our Lady on the top!

Our Lady on a pillar!

They should use this for a fruit and veg shop

Pompeii column

Memorial of a visit by Pope John Paul II

In the evening, lots of Christmas lights were up in the downtown area.

Christmas train near the church

One nice street

Further down the same street

On the morning we left, some dogs came by and walked with us all the way into the train station. Once we stopped and stood around waiting for our next train, they began to lose interest in us. Maybe they were hoping for some fabulous pastries.

Our faithful companion loses his faith

Sadly, the overcast weather meant that this picture from the train was our best view of Mount Vesuvius. L spent the whole time we were in Pompeii worrying whether the volcano would erupt again. We were constantly reassuring her that it was safe and nothing would happen.

Mt. Vesuvius

Tomorrow, we'll see the basilica of Pompeii, our last post for the Italy trip (though there's a couple of Roman churches left over that will be popping up on future Sundays).

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