Friday, February 21, 2014

The Walking Dead Ep. 410: Inmates

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 10: Inmates

TV rating


ZPAA rating

Adults only

Offensive content

Typical gory zombie kills; zombies eating recently deceased in rather gory ways; a child menaces a baby; some swearing.

Synopsis & Review

After the last episode focusing exclusively on Rick, Carl, and Michonne, this episode picks up many other threads, following the other escapees from the prison massacre. Daryl seems to be reverting to his quiet redneck ways. In a different group, Tyreese is keeping the kids together and alive. In yet another group, Maggie is trying to hunt down the bus to find if Glenn is still alive. And a handful of people are still stuck at the prison.

The stories are skillfully woven together. Clues left behind by one set of escapees are found by others, creating a sense of dread about what is going to happen or did happen. Thematically the stories are tied together by hope, the expectation of good things happening even in the worst of circumstances. Maggie hopes Glenn is alive; Beth hopes to be reunited with everyone; some new opportunities arise for a better future; one person returns and some characters from the comics show up. Not everyone has hope, though. At one point, a ten-year old girl seems like she's going to smother a baby to keep her from crying (thereby saving herself from any zombies within earshot), which was probably the most tense and disturbing scene in a long time.

The episode is well crafted and points to some interesting developments awaiting the viewers.

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