Thursday, October 8, 2015

Book Review: The Sword Vol. 3 Earth by the Luna Brothers

The Sword Volume 3 Earth by the Luna Brothers

Dara Brighton's revenge continues as she hunts down the second brother, Knossos, to his meth-crafting lair in Mexico. It's another round of over-the-top violence mixed in with some back story on both Dara and the trio of siblings who killed her family. While the action vacillates between exciting and preposterous, the background stories give enough depth to the story to keep a reader engaged. Also, TV news coverage of events becomes more relevant in this issue, hinting at an apocalyptic outcome for the story in the next volume.

I found the violence a bit too ridiculous in this issue. The sword keeps Dara from dying no matter what happens to her, even when someone punches her jaw off. She just pops it back on and gets madder about things. Taking the story serious is very hard after something like that. The end brings a twist that makes it seem like the next issue won't be just another run of crazy violence, so I will finish the series off.

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