Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Minnesota Zoo 2015 Part II

More from the Minnesota Zoo! See the last post for the beginning.

Our next stop after the Russian plains was especially popular with the children--the Hanifl Family Wild Woods Play Area. Built into the side of a hill, it has plenty of slides and an exciting variety of ways to climb back up.

The highest/best part of the play area

At the bottom of the slide

Climbing back up

Over the first obstacle

Back at the top

The mega-twister slide

Not sure if they can handle the mega-twister

After a long time at the play area (which just opened in July, so it was immensely popular anyway), we went on to the Wells Fargo Family Farm, a simulation of a classic American farmstead. It started with a nice, shady orchard.


American farm, brought to you by Wells Fargo

The favorite spot on the farm was the goat and sheep barn, though that had mostly goats. We didn't get to feed the goats but there was plenty of petting and brushing going on.

Petting a brown one

More petting

Brushing one who couldn't get away

Who will pet me?

Enjoying the shade

Enjoying the food

The farm also had exhibits on cows.

Enjoying a snooze

On our way back up the hill from the farm, the cousins held hands.

A cute moment

Who's gonna hold my hand?!?

Next we saw the dholes, some dog-like animals from Asia. Their exhibit included a shaded viewing stand from which we saw these fearsome creatures.

Sunning themselves

Playing possum?

Looking for joke-making bloggers

At this point it was time to go home, so we took one last look at the moose and tigers on our way out.

I'm a caribou, not a moose!

Yet another shy animal

The last of the shy animals

Farewell, fair cousin!

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