Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Book Review: The Sword Vol. 4 Air by the Luna Brothers

The Sword Volume 4 Air by the Luna Brothers

Last sibling standing Malia makes her bid not to get killed by Dara Brighton and the sword when Malia goes public as a savior who can defeat Dara (who, let's admit it, does look like a menace on television). Malia is in Times Square, on the jumbotrons and every news media outlet there is. Her promise to protect the world infuriates Dara, who hijacks a plane to fly to New York City with her friend Julie and tagalong Justin. On the plane, they discover that the sword's healing effects don't last forever. Julie's bullet wound (healed in volume two) starts bleeding. Julie refuses to hold the sword and be temporarily healed again. She'd rather tough it out till New York and get proper medical care. She hates the effect the sword has had on Dara, making her a cold-blooded killer. Dara hems and haws about it. They make it to New York. Julie escapes to medical care while Dara and Justin go downtown to confront Malia. So there's another big battle and more backstory.

This final volume has some nice twists in the story and still more character development for the whole cast. The violence is still over-the-top but not as ridiculous as the last issue.The melodrama becomes a bit too preposterous even for a fantasy story but the ending wraps up things nicely. The series as a whole is good, not great.

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