Monday, October 19, 2015

Six Flags America 2015

We made our first visit to Six Flags America, our local amusement park. We'd heard about it for a couple of years but hadn't worked the nerve up to go until this year. The older kids are finally old enough to enjoy the rides and attractions (as we discovered at Valleyfair). The parking lot was strikingly similar.

Walking to the entrance

The entrance

With tickets in hand, we entered the park. Like every other theme or amusement park I've visited, the first thing we walked through was a street lined with shops. Or should I say "shoppes" since the street is called "Main Street 1776," complete with patriotic, colonial fountain.

Main Street 17776 (didn't know Discover Card was that old, did you?)

Patriotic fountain

Our first ride was the Cyclone, a classic spinning scrambler that had us whipping around and laughing like crazy.


My son and I did a solo ride (if two people can ride solo together) on the Mind Eraser. It's a steel roller coaster with the track on top and the riders' feet dangling below. We enjoyed it a lot, even though it seemed like we might die while riding it.

Mind Eraser

Our next ride was the Roar, a wooden roller coaster that chased all through a wooded area.

View from the Roar

Our next coaster was The Wild One, which claimed to be built in 1917. The park started out as an animal preserve in 1973, so I had my doubts about the sign. Doing a little research, I found out that the coaster does date back to 1917, but it was in a park in Boston. The coaster moved south in 1984 when the Boston park closed. The coaster itself is good, old-fashioned, high-speed fun.
The Wild One's entrance

Meanwhile, my daughter went around with Mommy to the more sedate rides in the Looney Tunes section of the park. First up was Yosemite Sam's Flight School. She was an ace pilot!

In flight school

Close up to see her really there

Next she rode Sylvester's Pounce and Bounce, which was on the high end of thrills for the rides in the area.

Getting strapped in

About to drop

Dropping (except for her hair)

Next was Taz's Film Works, a fun flying swing.

Ready to go

All smiles

All blurry

Her last solo ride was in a magical flying boat.

Boat rider

Might go higher than Sylvester!

The family regrouped at the French Quarter Flyers, a spinner with cars on cables. Each car has its own front wing, letting riders control how high or low off the ground the car flies. It was a fun, calm ride after a bunch of coasters.

French Quarter Flyers

One lady zooming by

We rode a few other rides but forgot to take pictures. We ended up at a playground in the middle of the park where Grandpa got lost and had to be led out by my daughter.

The playground

We had a lot of fun. Maybe next time we'll see some of the shows.

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