Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Oktoberfest at the Kentlands 2015, Part I

This year we celebrated Oktoberfest at Oktoberfest at the Kentlands. The Kentlands is a section of Gaithersburg, Maryland, and has both a strip-mall, chain-store shopping area and a quaint historic neighborhood with a market square, village green, and mansion. The fest stretched between all of these spots, making it one of the larger street festivals I've seen. Just my daughter and I went since the toddler is on an anti-social napping schedule and the birthday boy had a friend coming over. The first thing we saw (after getting off the shuttle from parking) was a balloon tower.

Going in the right direction

We navigated many streets full of booths to get to the Oktober part of the fest. We had some snacks and I had a beer as we watched the traditional German dancers.


...more shopping!

Volk dancing...

...more dancing!

Beer and a pretzel

Right nearby is the Arts Barn which was having an open house, featuring all sorts of art and a chance to get a picture with the Arts Barn resident ghost.

Arts Barn

Relatively dark inside

Face painting outside

Let me have my sunglasses back, please!

Visiting the ghost was tricky. When we first went, we got to the front of the line only to discover that the ghost was going on a twenty minute break! We came back later in the day and did make it in to see the ghost. Or the ghost's shadow, which appeared on a sheet right behind us. I tried to take a picture, but as is usual with paranormal evidence gathering, the photo did not turn out well.

Knocking on the ghost's door

Waiting for the ghost

I swear the ghost appeared just behind this sheet and I saw its shadow! 

Back outside, we saw an American version of the Green Man. The Green Man is a mythical figure who represents the fertility of nature. He's often seen in architectural carvings both medieval and modern with leaves around his face or shooting out his mouth. Spring is his season. This guy is more about Fall, with red, orange, and yellow hues. He was walking around and getting his picture taken.

The Orange Man? (Red and Yellow wouldn't work)

Front view with someone photo-bombing us

More in the next post!

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