Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Oktoberfest at the Kentlands 2015, Part II

More from the Oktoberfest (see the last post for Part I)

Outside of the Art Barn, we saw a demonstration of apple pressing, the hand-method by which cider is made. The fellow giving the demonstration was very informative. He let us crank a wheel while he tossed apples into a hopper. Inside the hopper, blades chop the apples into little bits which fall into a bucket underneath. After processing enough apples, the guy put a wooden lid on the bucket and used the press to crush the apples. The bucket has plenty of holes and a straining net, so the cider flows free. He told us about the different types of apples they use and how they are not allowed to serve the cider they press at the fest thanks to the local sanitary regulations. That was a bummer but we did get to take an (unpressed) apple home with us.

The crank and press

My daughter spins the wheel and crushes some apples

No cider pouring out yet

Cranking the press by hand

Using a stick to crank it even more

Cider flowing out

Further down the road, people tried samples from various local wineries at the Wine Terrace by the Kentlands Mansion. Since they had a 21 and over policy, we didn't go in.

The wine terrace with the mansion obscured by a tree

We walked back to the Main Street Stage to see our cousin's friend perform. On the way we stopped at the snow cone booth where my daughter made an egg custard/grape mix that she loved. I did not try it, so I can neither confirm nor deny its tastiness.

A yummy snow cone!

More booths on Main Street

At first, my daughter and I walked to the wrong end of Main Street and saw a steam punk band called Night Watch Paradox. We listened till the end of the song and then went the other way down Main Street.

At the (other) Main Street Stage we saw Face, the a cappella band with a member we know. He's the boyhood next door neighbor of the husband of the cousin of my wife. So you can see how close we are. Their music was very impressive.

Going the right way on Main

Face the picture

After the concert, we wandered a bit in search of cotton candy. We saw some more fun things on the way.

Main Street sculpture

A charming house

We didn't find any cotton candy, so we settled for kettle corn, which we brought home so the rest of the family could have a taste of the Oktoberfest.

Kettle corn stand with red canopy

Kettle corn safely on the way home

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