Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Three Birthdays in 2015

All the children have had their birthdays this year. Mostly celebrations were low-key--family gatherings or just a handful of hand-picked friends. The pictures have been slowly accumulating. Now that there is a complete set, here they are!

Amazed by fire at the aunt and niece birthday party

Two ready to blow out the candles

A mighty wind (brought to you by Coke)

A robot for my birthday!

Getting measured for...

...a party hat!

Opening a present

Learning to read

Amazed by cake at the eldest's birthday

Taking a drink after blowing out candles (the camera was in a slow setting!)

Might have a drinking problem

One happy partier

Opening the biggest possible present ever!

Blowing out candles, brought to you by Coors Light

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