Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Book Review: Hellboy in Hell Vol. 2 by M. Mignola et al.

Hellboy in Hell Volume 2: The Death Card story and art by Mike Mignola, colored by Dave Stewart, and lettered by Clem Robbins

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Hellboy's strange journey through Hell continues as he faces old nemeses and his fate. He staunchly rejects any attempt to put himself on Hell's throne and winds up fighting whoever wants to takes that place. Some of his battles are more personal (against demons he sent back to Hell from Earth during his B.P.R.D. days). His journey is both discovery and destruction, leaving Hell in a fantastic shambles by the end.

Setting aside the theological dubiousness of what's going on (Satan is dead and Hell collapses in on itself--which is hardly a spoiler since it happens very early in this volume and isn't the real point of the series), the story still has that fantastic and weird flavor of mythology that Mignola does so well. Hellboy stays true to his character, a man choosing to be good when everyone tells him his fate is to be the destroyer. He winds up destroying Hell, so perhaps he does fulfill his fate but not in the way that anyone expected. Definitely weird and definitely satisfying.

Recommended, highly for Hellboy fans.

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