Monday, July 9, 2018

Six Flags America June 2018

We went to Six Flags America in June for our daughter's birthday. We had gone a few years ago (see post here) and had even more fun on this trip. We noticed walking in that they did indeed have six flags over their entrance.

Six American flags at Six Flags America

We purchased online tickets and were able to get on a shorter line than the season pass holders! We got into the park and rushed through the "Main Street 1776" area because it's basically a strip mall. We did see some Looney Tunes characters but the kids were unexcited. We haven't shown them enough cartoons!

Main Street 1776

Classic characters

We were looking for The Great Chase, a rollercoaster that was mild enough for our youngster to ride. We wound up on The Great Race that would allow him to drive a car on an enclosed, controlled track. He had to share his car with his big sister who demanded to drive. He insisted on helping.

Two drivers?!?

Since we are a family of five, we couldn't all fit in the four-person car. My older son became my chauffeur.

Driving for me

We moved on to the "Mardi Gras" area, where I took the older kids on the Ragin [sic] Cajun, a mild-looking rollercoaster that was a lot more thrilling than any of us expected.

Entering Mardi Gras

The Ragin Cajun--needs an apostrophe is anyone has a spare

Getting on the ride

Ready to go down

More yikes than we thought

Mommy and our preschooler rode the carousel while we were on the Ragin Cajun.

Riding by himself

A happy face

We reunited for the French Quarter Flyers, a fun ride where I rode with the preschooler and let him fly our flyer.

French Quarter Flyers

Mom and daughter flyer

Older son flyer

A happy flyer 

The older kids wanted to ride another rollercoaster so we went to the oldest coaster in the park--The Wild One. It just celebrated its hundredth anniversary. We three all loved the ride.

Centennial sign

Why read about the ride when you can ride the ride?

Happy rollercoaster riders

A bit of the tracks

Our youngest son rode his own rides--a balloon ride, the Tea Party ride, and the swing in the "Looney Tunes" section of the park.

Looney Tunes Entrance

Balloon basket riding

Tea cup ride


The older kids convinced me to try another coaster--one in the "Gotham City" area.

Classiest wheels in Gotham

We tried out the Joker's Jinx ride, which again was more scary than we thought. Still, we loved the ride (which had scared us off during our previous visit).

Joker's Jinx entrance

We had lunch at the Johnny Rockets restaurant and then went on to what our youngest demanded..."big person wet rides!" We went to Shipwreck Falls, a log flume ride that is just one big splash. We watched the big splash from the ride and got excited for our turn.

Big splash on the bridge

On the ride, we thought we'd escaped soaking from the big splash. The splash didn't really hit us, but the ride goes under the bridge in the picture above and we did get hit by the water cascading off the bridge. We carefully crossed the bridge after the ride. "Carefully" for adults means waiting between splashes and racing across. "Carefully" for children means waiting in the middle of the bridge for the next big splash.

To dry off, I and the older kids rode the Mind Eraser, one of those coasters that leave your feet hanging as you ride. We enjoyed it a lot, perhaps the best coaster in the park. We did a lot more flips than we thought we would.

The Mind Eraser

The youngest wanted to ride another wet ride. We went on Renegade Rapids, a large circular raft ride that was fun and not very wet for most riders. I sat in the wrong seat and somehow managed to get all the splashing water that came in the boat. The other seven riders were fine.

Renegade Rapids entrance

The older kids dragged Mommy onto Roar, another wooden rollercoaster in the park. I took the toddler back to The Great Race so he could drive himself.

Going to Roar

Another chauffeur

Happy to drive

The older kids had one last ride before we left. The Flying Carousel is a fun swing ride that put us high in the air. The ride controller played "I Spy" with us as we rode. One of the spied items was red, which was the umbrellas seen in the background of the picture below.

Ready to swing

So long everyone!

We had a fun visit. The youngest is threatening to celebrate his birthday at Six Flags as well. So we may go again later this summer.

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