Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cub Scout Day Camp 2018

My son is now an Arrow of Light, which is the highest level in the Cub Scouts. This is his last year going to our district's Cub Scout Day Camp held at the Howard County Fairgrounds. I did not get the chance to volunteer (the little one is still too little to go as a tagalong), but my son did bring back some interesting items from camp.

Official photo

The camp's theme was pirates, so several of the leaders dressed up for the part. The t-shirt is a fun design though the hat is not as broad-brimmed as in previous years.

One favorite activity is the BB gun range. After the first session, where the boys learned safety, they got to shoot at targets. My son is improving every year. His second target fit the theme quite well.

Regular target

Piratical target

Geology was a less popular station. He did bring home a pile of rocks which he panned for (much like the Gold Rush people did for gold in Californian rivers). He also cracked open some geodes.


He's improved on his leather-working skills. This bracer has some good logos and coloring and excellent threading in the back.

Leather work

Thread work

He also did wood-burning at the day camp, making a fine stave.

A nice walking stick

Sample of woodburning

He enjoyed camp very much.

The patch

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