Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Dice Tower Con 2018 Things I Didn't Do

Most game conventions are so huge that an attendee doesn't have the chance to play everything or try every demo or special event. Here's some stuff I didn't get to do at Dice Tower Con 2018...

I saw the popular game Rising Sun set up at a table and always meant to get around to playing it. I never was at the table at the right time, either no one was there or the game was deep in progress. One big reason the game is popular is the amazing game components.

The board set for play with no one near by (except me)

Amazing dragon

Other astounding figures

Someone was putting together their prototype game. The guy had bought a bunch of models of amazing robots and decided to design a game so he could play with the robots. I was getting hungry so I didn't hang around to see the result.

Justifying one hobby with another

I saw some guys playing a car battle game (much like the Mad Max movies) that had more reasonably-priced components. They had added guns or cannons or flamethrowers to Matchbox cars and were using them, demolition-derby style, to knock out all the other cars on the board.

I wish I could remember the name of this game

The con hosted a bunch of larger, longer games, like a massive Advanced Civilization game with eighteen players that took a whole day to play.

The game at 8 a.m.

The game at 8 p.m.

More manageable were fun tournaments like the PitchCar World Championships (kids' division and adult division).

Kids racing!

The ref makes a check

Older racers

The con has a flea market where gamers can get rid of the games that no longer see any play time. I woke up late that morning and the line seemed way too long to wait in. I was there at 8:30 and thought I'd play a game and come back at 9:45 for the last bit of the sale (which closed at 10).

Flea market line

The game I played lasted till 10:30, by which time I realized it was too late to get in on the extra-special bargains. Maybe next con!

I didn't buy anything at the Jack Vasel Memorial Live Auction either, though I did see a triumphant Gloomhaven purchaser carrying around his copy like the great trophy it was.

Gloomhaven, the way it was meant to be carried

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