Monday, July 2, 2018

Cute Kid Pix June 2018

More pictures that didn't make their own blog post...

We went for a haircut and the stylist thought she'd have some fun with our youngest. Check out the results...


3/4 view

He was interested in microphones and decided to try out a little singing...

My daughter's birthday was last month. She received lots of cool gifts but the only one I got a picture of was the hula hoop.

Getting ready to spin

Hip action

She asked for an ice cream cake for dessert. We used a recipe for a tiramisu ice cream cake. The toughest part was making the lady finger cookies stand up before the ingredient were poured into the middle. The final result was fabulous!

The cake in a good light

Blowing out candles

Our oldest son started a baseball summer camp that emphasizes all sorts of specific skills. He loves it. The coach asks for parent participation to get the most out of the practices. I love it.

Throwing from third to second

More of the same

Second to first to get the runner out

Good form!

The library is just starting up summertime story times, so made it to one where the word of the week was "opposites," including a gumball craft...

A little coloring

A lot of gumballs

Opposites--empty and full!

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