Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Kingdom for a Washcloth!

One thing we need  for Jacob and Lucy's bath time is some sort of wash cloth. The temporary apartment we are in is fully furnished, including bath and hand towels, but no face towels or wash cloths. We looked in the local children's store and found what we thought was a pack of washcloths:

They get an elephant clean, so they have to be big, right?

Only, when we opened them up and took one out, it turned out to be both smaller and thinner than expected. They are just barely usable for what we want. No wonder the pack has 50 in it.

Clean elephant shown actual size

The kids will still get clean, even if it takes more than one washcloth to do it! We can't wait until our household goods show up. Or we find a proper linens store.

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