Friday, July 8, 2011

One Year Blogiversary

One year ago today I began this blog. I was planning to celebrate by taking money out of a British bank's ATM and then use that money to open an account with the bank. The ATM part worked out but no bank account. Our lack of credit history is a big impediment to getting a decent account here. They offered us an account with basically no services other than holding our money (the sort of account that they offer to people with prior financial problems) or an account with a massive monthly fee. Or if we deposited 50,000 pounds we could have a very nice account. If only they'd let me take 50,000 out of the ATM, we'd be okay.

So instead of bragging about my financial wizardry, I will instead post a bunch of pictures I snapped on the day that I thought was to be the last in the United States of America. They are fun pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

Last [sic] breakfast with Auntie Rosemary

A stowaway!
Riding to the airport in style! Jacob, Lucy, and Jeremiah are ready to go!
Last [sic] supper; actually my last cheeseburger in the USA

One of the best suppers we've had here is fish and chips at a small chain restaurant. The menu was quite varied: regular fried fish, large fried fish, extra large fried fish, double fried fish, and children's size fried fish. They definitely are masters of the art. Check it out from the outside:

Jacob enjoyed this fish and chip place, esp. the potty! He's hiding in the picture, Where's Waldo-style.

Thanks to everyone who has come by to read my shambling narratives and reviews, and especially to those who have put up links to this blog, commented, and/or contributed to our success in other ways I can't think of now. You all are so smart, I bet you have tasty brains. Mmmm....


  1. You just keep those hands away from my brains, Mr. Z! :-D

    Congratulations and may you have many more happy years of blogging. :-)

  2. Congrats on your 1 year blogversery!