Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Sign of Four

We seem to be running into a lot of fours on this trip to England. It took us four days to get here. There's four of us. Everywhere we've stayed so far has had a four in it.

Our first hotel was an extended stay apartment. We were in apartment 4, just like the song:

When we went to Durham, the pub/hotel we stayed at gave us rooms 2 and 4. When we got back and had to move temporarily to a hotel, we wound up in room 3004. Now we've moved on to our 4th place, a fun little cottage outside of town. Way outside of town. We are in herding country, with cows and sheep in every pasture (though they do not mix together). Our new place was originally part of a blacksmith's forge. Technically, we don't have a numbered address. We are in the part of the country where all the houses are named, not numbered. Hence this is on our wall:

At least we didn't have to prove our smithy skills to stay here

Inside is very cozy, with a lovely lounge area that seems like the original blacksmith's quarters:

Luckily, I took the picture before the toys took over.

The doorway is shorter than it looks, as my bruised forehead will prove.

We have a quite comfortable kitchen with a full refrigerator and lots of gadgets and doodads and other things we haven't quite figured out yet:

The stovetop is hidden under a giant cutting board.

I'm sorry to report that the wardrobes here are just like the ones in our first place:

Again with the pine wood and no Narnia?

At least this is snow white, like Narnia when you first read about it.

I'm glad to report the views are pretty spectacular from here:

Our outdoor picnic table. Not sure the weather will let us use it.

Lovely rolling hills

Lovely verdant pastures

Lovely cows

This charming cottage should be our last stop before our final resting place, a townhouse where we will be able to walk to most anything in town. And some less wonderful things, like our first apartment and third hotel. I guess fifth time is charmed.


  1. It looks like a James Herriot town.
    If you remember, Narnia is never found on purpose. It is always a surprise visit. Do you have any pictures of sailing ships? That might work if the closets are not.

  2. I forgot about that. I will keep my eyes peeled for sailing ship pictures.

  3. Thanks for the pics. Looks like an adventure!