Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summertime and the Reading Is Easy

An important way to keep from being zombiefied is to read as much as you can. These first two weeks have been challenging for me because so many other things are demanding my time. But we have been faithfully reading to the children for naps and bedtime and for fun. Luckily, every library we run into encourages the kids to keep it up!

Before we left for the UK, one of the things we did (which maybe we shouldn't have) was sign up the children for the summer reading program at our local (Maryland) library. The child gets a fun checkoff sheet to mark their progress and a bunch of goodies (like a coupon for free ice cream at Chick-fil-A). The theme was a little irresistable for me--One World, Many Stories. The program encourages young readers to read stories or do activities from the seven continents and five oceans. Jacob has already been working on this as has been Lucy (well, actually I've been helping them along). We will mail our completion coupons but won't be able to choose prizes that the library offers. I will take the kids out for treats as a reward instead. Lucy will probably want ice cream; Jacob a cookie. We might stop at a toy shop too.

We went to the base library here in England and found out they have a summer reading program. They had a bag of goodies too (little toys, a foam shield and sword, and a cool drawstring bag/backpack). Their theme is "Midsummer Knight's Read," which also is a very cool theme. They will have special themed story times, picnics, and an archery class. Alas, Jacob and Lucy aren't old enough yet to learn the bow and arrow. They have a reading log which we will take back once a week to get credit and more little prizes. The library is already a favorite stop on base and this makes it only better.

Pretty awesome swag!

Today we went to the local branch of the Yorkshire library system and found out they have a reading program for the kids, too! Jacob and Lucy signed up for library cards. Every time they take something out from the library, they get a sticker for their tally card. Once they have four stickers, they can turn the card in for a certificate. There's no theme but it is an on-going program. We can keep doing it in the Fall and Winter months. I hope they have lots of stickers and certificates! The library itself was pretty swanky, with a little self-serve cafe area with a coffee machine and tables.

We love reading and are so glad for all the encouragement. If you have tots, I hope you can find a great reading program for them, too!

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