Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Shipment From Home

Our "unaccompanied baggage" has finally arrived. We were told back in America that these last minute items would go much faster than our household goods, probably flying over and being available within two weeks of their departure. They left our home back on June 16, which according to most normal math means they would be returned to us in England by the Fourth of July. The shipping company stated that July 13 would be the latest we would receive the shipment.

Luckily, we did not put any July 4 celebrating gear into the shipment, because it finally came last Thursday, i.e. July 28 for those of you reading this blog in the far distant future. I guess the shippers really meant it would be available two weeks after the last date they gave us.

The bloke who delivered our "unaccompanied bags" was a very nice guy with almost too much accent for me to understand. We chatted a bit while he brought the boxes in. Some were slightly crushed but their contents were in fine shape. He was apologetic about it and hoped that our household goods shipment wasn't packed by the same company. I said it wasn't and silently hoped they did a better job.

Lucky at dice, unlucky in shipping
Other boxes were okay and contained some of the games we thought we'd like to play before our household stuff made it. In the box was Zombie Dice and Zombie Fluxx. The guy commented on it and I said that we were into zombies. He said we shared a passion. He owned the whole set of George Romero's zombie movies and we had a long and delightful conversation about it. He liked 28 Days Later but didn't care so much for 28 Weeks Later. More budget did not result in a better movie. Shaun of the Dead is a favorite for both of us and he told me about Simon Pegg's cameo as a zombie in one of Romero's most recent films.

The moving guy already has his zombie apocalypse plan. He has two friends who are doctors, another owns about fifteen shotguns, and another is a weaponsmith who can make extra bullets in a pinch. They have a place up in the Scottish highlands where they can hunker down and wait out the chaos. Plenty of sheep and other wildlife exist up there, so they should be set for food. Or at least meat.

The whole experience of receiving the baggage was pretty good, even if it came ridiculously late. At least we didn't have to schlep that stuff from apartment to hotel to cabin to home. The bad thing was I forgot to tell the mover about this blog, so I've lost another potential reader. Maybe he'll come with the household goods and I can rectify the situation.

Our household goods, i.e. the "slow" shipment, have already arrived in country and are passing through customs. Hopefully they be delivered in the next two weeks. Where have I heard that story before?

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  1. Oh thank goodness for Zombie-prepared new friends. Now all you need is a map to his Scottish fort and an emergency kit to get you there.