Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bunratty Walled Garden, Ireland

The Regency Walled Garden at Bunratty Folk Park is part of the much larger garden that used to exist on the estate (the land was owned by the descendants of Bunratty Castle dwellers the O'Briens, kings and later earls of Munster). As walled gardens go, it is rather small, though that's because the house was supported by a much larger kitchen garden near the castle. The walled garden is more of a pleasure garden, for strolling and for decorating the house. Like the rest of the park, the garden has been restored to what it was back in the 1800s.

L in the garden with lots of plants

Back of the North Clare Farmhouse which is part of the garden wall

Pretty flowers

Right next to the garden is the stable yard, where a large collection of 1800s agricultural equipment is kept.

J and the plows

Water-powered machinery

A stable ready for a horse to move in

The stable office/kitchen

The stables also have an extensive collection of carts, mostly the sort that people would ride in the 1800s.

Simpler carts

A pretty fancy cart

This area was the last part of the park we visited (except for the exit through the gift shop, of course). It is a fun place to visit and can easily take up a whole day.

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