Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Walking Dead Ep. 405: Internment

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 5: Internment

TV rating


ZPAA rating

Late teens and up

Offensive content

There's lots of bloody coughing and one eye bleeding as the infected prisoners get worse; some gory zombie bodies including one being eaten by dogs; the perennial debate of hope versus despair.

Synopsis & Review

This episode focuses main on Hershel's efforts to keep the flu-victims alive and in better spirits while they wait for Daryl's crew to get back with medicine. Hershel makes a lot of effort to keep people from seeing the worst of the sickness (which naturally is when they die and turn to zombies) and to bolster their hope. He also does quite a bit of praying, which is nice to see, especially over the dead.

Meanwhile Rick gives the bad news about Carol to Maggie and Hershel. I guess he's practicing for when he tells Daryl. Rick has some good father-son moments with Carl too, including them defending the fences together with assault rifles. Rick tries to protect Carl from the worst of the world around them (and what father doesn't want to protect his children?) but the outer world keeps closing in.

This episode is a good blend of drama and horror, both moving the story along and giving a great portrayal of Hershel quiet, confident Christian faith. That faith keeps him going and helps him to give hope to others around him.

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