Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Birthday 2013

Normally I wouldn't post about my birthday, but we had an extra-special cake today with an extra special chef. Shall I give you a clue?

A bit of an obvious clue

In case you can't guess, the extra-special chef is L!


And the extra-special cake is a Dalek cake!


Mommy and L worked hard together in the kitchen while J and I were banished. He and I played some video games, so it wasn't such a harsh exile. After some carefully mixing, pouring, and baking, we had a delicious if dangerous cake to serve after dinner.


The Dalek had to take his fate lying down!

After a nice meal, we put some candles in the most appropriate spots and then proceeded to eat Doctor Who's greatest menace.

Wishing Daleks were edible...hey, wait!

It goes without saying, the cake was Dalek-table (say it fast altogether and then you'll groan). The birthday was great too! Thanks Mommy and L!

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