Sunday, November 10, 2013

St. Mary's Church, Dingle, Ireland

St. Mary's Church sits on a hill overlooking the town of Dingle. It is on Green Street, one of the main streets in town, and has plenty of shops and homes around it. The church is a nice place to visit.

St. Mary's Church, Dingle

Back of the church

J was excited by the angelic holy water font. This font gets my vote for the nicest one we've seen in a church.

J and the holy water

The nave and altar are a bit dark, perhaps because we visited right after a funeral.



The stained glass in the church is quite beautiful and has many female saints.

Over the altar

St. Winifred

St. Helen

A room off the vestibule has the tomb of a previous pastor.

Tomb of a pastor

Behind the church is a convent that has been converted into the Diseart Cultural Centre which had an exhibit of some stained glass windows crafted there. The stained glass we saw there (because the children needed to use the toilet which was located in this building) was not religious in theme. We saw one with Barack and Michelle Obama!

Diseart Cultural Centre

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