Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Walking Dead Ep. 407: Dead Weight

The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 7: Dead Weight

TV rating


ZPAA rating

Teens and up

Offensive content

I think only one zombie was killed in this episode with a not particularly gory head shot (though its leg was shredded up a bit which was yucky); a bunch of people die, some at the hands of the zombies, others by humans; lots of betrayals; some drinking and smoking; one view of the Governor's healed-over eye.

Synopsis & Review

More of the Governor's story is told in this episode, leading up to the moment when he's peeking in on the prison where Rick and company are living. At that moment two episodes ago, I said, "uh-oh!" Then after last week, it seemed like it might be okay. After this episode, I'm back to uh-oh.

The Governor and his newly adopted family wind up in a camp where one of the ex-Woodbury guys, Martinez, is running the show. He lets the Governor in because he's with the family. Martinez has two rule: (1) he's in charge and (2) everyone needs to pull their wieght. They get on for a while though the Governor is clearly ill at ease. They ransack a cabin that has a supply of beer and liquor. They bring it all back to the camp and drink a little too much. The group scatters and Martinez and the Governor have a heart-to-heart while driving some golf balls into a field. The Governor doesn't like the weakness he sees in Martinez, who offers to share control of the camp with the Governor. He waylays Martinez and drags him to one of the zombie pits saying, "I don't want it!' over and over again. Things go from bad to worse after that.

I'm a little disappointed that the Governor has fallen back to his old, evil ways so soon but at least he made an effort to reform. Too bad it wasn't enough of an effort.

Fans of the comics probably realized when they saw the tank in camp that things would go poorly. In the comics, the Governor's attack on the prison included him riding in on a tank. Maybe that will happen in the next episode.

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